Children and Pet Goat aboard Ship

Many children grew up at sea. These two children have a young goat as a pet. An older goat aboard ship would be good for providing goat's milk. Besides being more mobile than a cow on a moving deck, goats required much less feed per pound of milk so were economical at sea.

Ralph Starratt and Dog on Luarca

When the bark Carrie Winslow was in port, Ruth Montgomery, the captain's daughter and ship photographer, went over to another vessel, the Canadian barkentine Luarca. Aboard was Capt. Starratt's son Ralph with his dog, sitting at the base of a mast.

Chart Detail of North Pacific Ocean, Noting Birth of Baby

Capt. Phineas Alexander Griffin of Searsport wrote on this chart of the North Pacific a note identifying the spot where his daughter Anita was born. Captain Griffin's ship was the 1869 Belfast launched and owned Leonora, which was sold to Italy about 1885. The museum has another copy of this chart, published two years later, on which Capt. Griffin again made a mark showing where his daughter was born.

Baby on Shipboard with a Seaman who is Repairing a Sail

Some documents suggest that the baby might be Joanna Colcord, from Searsport, who was born at sea in the South Pacific in 1882.

Sunday School Class, First Congregational Church, Searsport

This photo of the Sunday School class was taken on the yard of the Jeremiah Merrithew house, next door to the First Congregational Church in Searsport. The brick building on the left was the Searsport Town Hall, built in 1845. This and the building behind it are now both part of the Penobscot Marine Museum.


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