Geographic Locations

Penobscot Bay, 18th Century Towns

This map shows English settlements in the Penobscot Bay area around the time of the American Revolution. Base map provided through the Maine State GIS web page.

Eastern New England, c. 1640

Map of eastern New England, showing English and French settlements up to 1640.

From book, The Lobster Coast: Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier by Colin Woodard, published by Viking in 2004. Map drawn by Jojo Gragasin. Map used by permission of the author.

Atlantic Northeast in 1605

This map shows what is now northern New England and the Maritime Provinces, as settled by Native American tribes and nations. This presentation is somewhat simplistic as it does not indicate that the naming of the peoples here is subject to some controversy. Champlain wrote that "Etchemins" lived in the land between the Kennebec and the St. John Rivers, while other writers equate Etchemin with the Passamaquoddies only. The data is limited, subject to interpretation, and cannot easily be shown on a map.

Searsport House Inn, Searsport

Searsport House was the town's biggest hotel. Originally, it was a two-story building. Then, that house was raised, and a new first floor built underneath to make it three-stories. Later, it received many architectural changes that brought it up-to-date in the late Victorian era.


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