Maine and the Orient

Ship Forest Eagle

The ship Forest Eagle, 1156 tons, was built in Rockland, Maine, in 1856 by Starrett & Kimball. In 1861, under the command of Capt. Thomas Pillsbury, she carried 500 Chinese coolies from Macao to Havana, Cuba, to work in the sugar fields there. Shortly after this voyage, President Lincoln forbade American ships from participating in the coolie trade. The Forest Eagle was reported lost at sea in March of 1881. This image is from a painting owned by the Rockland Public Library.


Hand-tinted photograph of Yokohama, in a lacquer album with mother-of-pearl inlay. Book of Japanese photographs.

View of Hong Kong, c. 1900

View of Hong Kong, hand-colored lantern slide from collection of a Captain Brown, given to Joanna Colcord of Searsport.

Tea Can

Tea can from the Sui Chun Tea Co. of Hong Kong. Jasmine Tea.

Tea Box

Chinese tea box, decorated with two horses on front. Bottom reads "Per Mails Steamer, Choicest Specialty Selected First Crop Lap Sang Souchong" on bottom. By the time this tea was exported, the fastest way to get tea from China was by fast steamship, the steamship that carried the mail. The days of racing to England with the fresh tea crop under sail were gone.

Sunda Strait

Detail of Sunda Strait and its Approaches chart, showing the strait between Sumatra and Japan. This was one of the most important passages on the route to and from China. Note the island of Krakatoa, where the volcano blew up in 1883.

Stern Wheeler Boat in China

Stern wheel Chinese paddle boat, perhaps steam-driven, with sail. Hand-colored lantern slide from collection of a Capt. Brown, given to Joanna Colcord of Searsport

Ship Benjamin Sewall after Typhoon in Hong Kong

Photograph of ship Benjamin Sewall at Wau-Chai, Hong Kong, after the 1900 typhoon.

Sandalwood Fan

Sandalwood fan with intricate three dimensional carvings on both end pieces as well as on the fan's slats. This fan is Japanese; fans were an important part of both Chinese and Japanese cultures. They were a popular souvenir for captains.

Sampans in China

Sampans in China, hand-colored lantern slide from collection of a Capt. Brown, given to Joanna Colcord of Searsport. We are not sure whether this is in the Hong Kong area or not.


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