Search Suggestions

Helpful Tips

  • Be specific and concise when entering criteria in the search fields.
  • Using the singular and plural forms of words may produce different results (e.g., “dory” and “dories”).
  • If a word might be compound, try both forms (e.g. farmhouse and farm house).
  • Search fields are not case sensitive; it is not necessary to capitalize proper nouns.
  • State names must be spelled out and not abbreviated. (e.g., Vermont, not VT)
  • When search results are returned, selecting the “Only records with images” option on the right hand side of the screen will display larger thumbnail images.
  • To find this page again, look for the Search Tips link at the bottom of the search screen.
  • Contact the museum if you have questions or problems.

Search Strategies

Certain search types tend to return larger numbers of records. If you wish to view, for example, photographs of the town of Hancock, Maine, there are a few ways to approach this:

  • A Keyword Search for “hancock, maine” or an Advanced Search with “hancock, maine” in the Place field produces around 1,900 image records of towns throughout Hancock county

Adding Keywords will not always yield expected results:

  • A Keyword Search for “hancock maine town” narrows the results to 88, but only a handful of those are images of the town of Hancock; the rest are records containing the word “town” in their descriptions along with images from several Hancock County towns

In an Advanced Search, entering search criteria in more than one field will narrow results. For example, use the Collections field to search for photographs in a specific collection.

  • To search for images of steamers in the Elmer Montgomery collection, enter “steamer” in the Description or Keyword field and “elmer” in the Collection field

The Click & Search feature is a useful tool to narrow results further because it contains alphabetical directories of words and phrases used in the museum records. Following is a sample pathway to return a very workable number of images of the town of Hancock:

  • Click & Search
  • Place→M
  • “Maine/Franklin” TO “Maine/Lincoln”
  • [click the down arrow and choose] “Maine/Hancock County/Hancock”

This search turns up 31 archived photographs taken in the town of Hancock, Maine.