Boat Talks

Penobscot Marine Museum’s Forum “Boat Builders of Mount Desert Island”

Penobscot Marine Museum’s Boat Building Forums “Boat Builders of Mount Desert Island” with Richard Helmke, Richard Stanley, and Ralph Stanley. Mount Desert Island is home to high-end yacht builders, lobster boat builders, and traditional sloop builders. Join us for a discussion of how a 108 mile square island’s boat designers can cater to the summer residents, the lobstermen and commercial fisherman still plying the waters just offshore, and everyone in between.

Video by George Kerper

Penobscot Marine Museum’s “Maine Boatbuilding Forums”

“Building the Perfect Small Wooden Boat?’ Join the small boat builders of Penobscot Bay who created the craft that allow us to enjoy a day of rowing and sailing, and trailer it home at the end of the day. Enjoy a lively discussion of updated designs versus staying true to tradition, power tools versus hand tools and how to walk away with the boat of your dreams.

Video by George Kerper

Penobscot Marine Museum’s 2014 Maine Boatbuilding Forums “Schooners”

Schooners: with Captains Doug and Linda Lee, Captain John Foss, Captain Havilah Hawkins, Captain Steven Pagels, Captain Dan Miller, Captains Kate Kana and Zander Parker, and Captain John Worth. Join schooner builders and the captains who sail them as they debate which type of schooner is best for the windjammer trade and who is going to win this year’s Schooner Race.

Video by George Kerper