Maritime Provinces

Kosti Ruohomaa made trips to Eastern Canada to take photos for over a decade. By 1950, “Ruohomaa would be shooting major assignments in the Canadian Maritimes for the Toronto Star.” (152)

“A last long-distance trip to the Canadian Maritimes began in the summer of 1960. Ruohomaa traveled with coauthor Lew Dietz on this ten-day Black Star assignment for the Toronto Star Weekly. On the way, the two stopped at Princeton and Grand Lake Stream, Maine, photographing outdoor sporting camps.

“Ruohomaa photographed bayside views of the Canadian Maritimes at New Brunswick and on Prince Edward Island. At Bentick Cove on Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island, Dietz recalled he stopped the car so Ruohomaa could photograph a fisherman fitting up the hull of his dry-docked boat nearby. The antique quilt hung to dry in the shoreline breeze also caught the photographer’s attention… The Toronto Star Weekly feature was published a year later, in April 1961, with full-page reproductions in color of Ruohomaa’s location portraits of fishermen on a pier and at the shore of a coastal cove. These portraits captured the lined faces and roughened skin the men had from doing outdoor work in all seasons, along with a fierce attachment to their life’s work.” (190)

Deanna Bonner-Ganter, The Photographer Poet (2016)