Penobscot Marine Museum’s “Maine Boatbuilding Forums”

“Building the Perfect Small Wooden Boat?’ Join the small boat builders of Penobscot Bay who created the craft that allow us to enjoy a day of rowing and sailing, and trailer it home at the end of the day. Enjoy a lively discussion of updated designs versus staying true to tradition, power tools versus hand tools and how to walk away with the boat of your dreams.

Video by George Kerper

Penobscot Marine Museum’s 2014 Maine Boatbuilding Forums “Schooners”

Schooners: with Captains Doug and Linda Lee, Captain John Foss, Captain Havilah Hawkins, Captain Steven Pagels, Captain Dan Miller, Captains Kate Kana and Zander Parker, and Captain John Worth. Join schooner builders and the captains who sail them as they debate which type of schooner is best for the windjammer trade and who is going to win this year’s Schooner Race.

Video by George Kerper

Penobscot Marine Museum Thursday Night Lecture Series “Boon Island”

Penobscot Marine Museum Thursday Night Lecture Series “Boon Island” from George Kerper on Vimeo.

The wreck of the NOTTINGHAM GALLEY on Boon Island and the resultant rumors of insurance fraud, mutiny, treason, and cannibalism was one of the most sensational stories of the early eighteenth century. Captain Deane offered one version of the events that led them to be shipwrecked on notorious Boon Island, however his crew proposed another.

Titanic: What Really Happened

“Titanic: What Really Happened” from George Kerper on Vimeo.

A talk by MMA Professor Capt. Charles Weeks at the Penobscot Marine Museum. Captain Weeks is one of the authors of Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic: A centennial Reappraisal, which Amazon says “provides fascinating insights into the sip herself, the American and British inquiries, the passengers and crew, the fateful journey and ice warnings received, the damage and sinking, protocol and process of rescue, the circumstances in connection with the SS Californian and SS Mount Temple, and the aftermath and ramifications around the world”.