Child-Friendly Exhibits


The museum is definitely child-friendly. Some kids max out quickly at traditional “look, don’t touch” museums, so we’ve got lots of fun stuff to touch and do. And when they’re done with the exhibits, there’s plenty of room to run, play, and picnic on our spacious campus.

Yard in the Yard

What was it like to sail on a square-rigger? Find out in the Yard in the Yard. Kids can steer a real ship’s wheel. Walk around the capstan and listen to its rhythmic clanking as they pretend to raise the anchor. Or climb out on the footropes on a large scale model of a ship’s mast to furl the sail.


Peapod is a play-and-learning area full of hands-on activities. Very young children can dress up in 19th century costumes and shop in a general store of the period; play with ship models, tie knots, or snuggle up with a stuffed animal and a book.

Look Around – There’s More!

Don’t hesitate to take children through the “adult” exhibits too! There are hands-on activities for children in most exhibit buildings, and kids are often fascinated to see our exhibits of boats, ships, and the way people lived in days gone by.