New Exhibits

This season at Penobscot Marine Museum

Powering Up: The Evolution of the Maine Lobsterboat 

Mount Desert Island boatAtlantic Fisherman Collection, LB1992.301.265.

Opening May 23, 2024

New core exhibit 

Explore key examples from the Penobscot Marine Museum collection that demonstrate the lineage of the boats that bring our state’s iconic catch to the table. This exhibit features four types of vessels that showcase early designs: the dory, peapod, Moosabec Reach Boat, and Friendship Sloop. Displayed alongside these full-sized boats, are boat plans, photographs, and model boats to illustrate the internal structure of the lobsterboats we see hauling traps today. 

Lead sponsor: Jonesport Shipyard 

Grant support from Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust.

Jim Steele Peapod Shop 

Peapod form from the Jim Steele collection.

Opening May 23

New core exhibit 

Though lobstermen now favor motorized boats for their work, the classic peapod design has endured as a favorite personal rowboat along Maine’s coast. Jim Steele was one of several prominent boatbuilders who took inspiration from lobstering’s double-ended peapod to expand into the recreational market.  Tools, patterns, and finished peapods from Steele provide a window into his inventive Brooklin boatshop, while additional peapods show the creativity and breadth of this Maine design. 

Grant support from Margaret E Burnham Charitable Trust.

Sponsored by:

Pam Steele

Music in Our Lives

May 23 – October 12, 2024

Joanna Colcord’s commitment to sea chanteys and sailor songs inspires Penobscot Marine Museum to connect visitors with the past in an experiential way. This exhibit explores work songs, musical instruments, and the role of music as an indicator of vibrant culture within our communities. It is brought to life with weekly chantey sing-alongs and Saturday Sessions featuring local performers. 

If You Give a Girl a Camera 

Right: Going by Portland Head Light on the bark CARRIE WINSLOW. Photo taken by Ruth Montgomery around 1900. Ruth Montgomery Collection, LB1990.49.11. Left: Looking aloft on the ship STATE OF Maine. Photo taken by Joanna Colcord around 1900. Joanna Colcord Collection, LB2003.61.1431.

May 23 – October 12, 2024

Joanna Colcord and Ruth Montgomery each used photography to pass the time and to document their voyages at sea. If You Give a Girl a Camera looks specifically at the years 1899 and 1900, featuring photographs taken by 18-year old Joanna and Ruth. Large prints formatted with a social media vibe seek to meld the past and present and encourage visitors to consider: What did a young woman take pictures of in 1899 or 1900? What do you take pictures of today? 

Faithfully Yours, Joanna C Colcord

May 23 – October 12, 2024

Photographer, author, sailor, social worker, director, teacher, linguist, chemist, world traveler. Born at sea in 1882, Joanna Colcord led a full, dedicated, and exciting life. She split her childhood between the small Maine seacoast village of Searsport and traveling the world on her father’s merchant vessel. Joanna passionately sought to preserve Maine’s maritime heritage, and so Faithfully Yours, Joanna C Colcord explores the many facets of this fascinating local woman.