Adult Education

Host an educational event for your club, group or community! Talks, presentations, classes and demonstrations by museum professionals are available for groups of all sizes, ages and interests.

Most programs run 60-90 minutes and are reasonably priced at $150 plus mileage and expenses. (Financial assistance may be available.) For more information, email us or call 207-548-2529.

Don’t see a program you like? Feel free to inquire about a custom-designed presentation on Maine or local history, maritime topics or other subjects.


Historic Photography

Our photography collections include tens of thousands of images of Maine cities and towns from the early 20th century. PMM’s photo archivist will select key images to illustrate the history of your community or county, or to fit a theme. He will present a slide show that is sure to engage audiences, spur memories and elicit insights on town history.

Maine and the Oriental Trade

Maine ships and sailors were active in the 19th century trade with China and Japan. This presentation gives an overview of the history of this period, emphasizing Maine’s role, and shows off the museum’s collection of souvenir items that were brought back by Maine captains: textiles, ceramics, furniture, paintings, and other objects. Images are supplemented by a display of real artifacts in this program presented by PMM’s education department.

Working the Bay

The Penobscot Bay region’s natural resources—fish, trees, granite, and ice—drew settlers to the area to extract these riches. Learn about the jobs that people did, and still do, that are connected to the water. This presentation is supported by images from PMM’s archives, and is presented by the curatorial department.

Maine’s Windjammers

Windjammer History traces the development of the passenger carrying trade from the 1930s, as working schooners went to work carrying a new type of cargo: people. PMM’s curatorial department presents this overview.


The Working Waterfront: Images from the Last 75 Years

How has the working waterfront changed over time around Penobscot Bay? Our photo collections document the developments that have taken place, and give insight into events taking place in many towns today. Take a journey through time in this timely presentation by PMM’s curatorial department.

The History of Maine’s Fisheries

Drastic changes have taken place in the last 100 years in the state of Maine’s historic fishing industry. From the collapse of groundfishing, to the herring industry’s ups and downs, to changes in the lobster harvest, to community fishing collectives, to midwater trawling controversies, gain a historic perspective that informs where things stand today. PMM’s curatorial department will present this overview.


From Mission to Outreach: How a Museum Works

Did you ever wonder how museums operate? Learn about the inner working of exhibit creation, education services, and collections conservation. Museums have changed dramatically in the last 20 years; the advent of popular technology has brought about fundamental shifts in traditional museum roles and operations. Come learn—you may be surprised at what you find out! Presented by the education department.


Marine Art: An Overview

PMM’s curatorial department presents the history of marine art. This unique genre spans everything from ship portraits painted in port cities around the world to paintings that tell stories of naval battles, slave ships, and storms at sea. Fine artists such as the Buttersworths are included, as well as Maine artists Sanborn and Stubbs. This presentation is full of images from PMM’s art collection.


Maritime History and Literacy: A Unique Museum Curriculum

This talk by PMM’s education department will interest the educational community. The museum has developed a unique elementary level curriculum that is being used in a number of schools. This is an interesting presentation demonstrating how high-interest maritime topics can engage students and help them practice a variety of literacy skills.