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Animal Tales and Lincoln County Through Eastern’s Eye

Animal Tales uses photographs from the Penobscot Marine Museum’s extensive photography archives and the intriguing stories behind the images to explore the fascination people have with animals. Since the beginning of photography, people have enjoyed using their lens to forever capture beloved pets, livestock, wildlife, and fishing and hunting successes.

Lincoln Country through the Eastern Eye features photographs from towns, tiny communities and summer colonies. The majority of photos in this exhibit were taken between about 1910 and the 1920s. The images in the exhibit are a small sample of Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company photographs that collectively tell a big story about life in Lincoln County a century ago. The exhibit was researched and curated by Liz Fitzsimmons.

University of Maine’s Hutchinson Center

Maine at its Mid-Point and Kosti Ruohomaa Photographs

Two of Penobscot Marine Museum’s photo exhibits are now on display at the Freeport Antiques and Heirlooms Showcase. A new exhibit of Kosti Ruohomaa’s photographs with a special emphasis on L.L. Bean and Andrew Wyeth is on display along with Maine at its Midpoint, an exhibit of Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company images created for Maine’s Bicentennial. Maine at its Mid-Point is presented in part by the Maine Arts Commission and sponsored by Tilbury House Publishers and Innova Art Ltd.

Freeport Antiques and Heirlooms Showcase