Permanent Collections

The Penobscot Marine Museum maintains collections in more than a dozen areas. Items from these collections are displayed around the campus in several exhibits and in the archives and library. See Photography Collections, Current Exhibits and Research for details.


Regional watercraft
Lobster Boats, in Harbor and Ashore, Stonington, Deer Isle


Marine art
Japanese Table

Furniture and domestic furnishings
Friendship Sloop Model

Ship and boat models
Dry Card Box Compass for Small Boat

Navigation instruments
Speaking Trumpet

Other nautical gear
Chinese export ceramic teapot

China trade items
Pulp hook

Industrial artifacts
Scrimshaw- Emerald tooth


Clothing and fabric arts
First Congregational Church Searsport exterior

Historic buildings
December 1-7 1866

Ship’s papers & records
Portrait of John Smith

Genealogy records

Shipbuilding Artifacts