History Conference 2017

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Maine Women Authors of the 1950’s Panel Discussion

Cathleen Miller, Curator of the Maine Women Writers Collection at UNE, Melissa Hays, Ruth Moore Days organizers, Muriel Davisson and devotee Jane O’Rouke discuss how the novels of Mary Ellen Chase, Elisabeth Ogilive, Ruth Moore, Miriam Colwell and Louise Dickinson Rich provide different portraits of the people and the state of Maine.

Video by George Kerper

The Oyster Industry

Jeff “Smokey” McKeen founded Pemaquid Oyster Company on the Damariscotta River in 1986 and now raises over a million oysters a year. He has been written up in the New York Times and Yankee Magazine, and is featured in Mario Batali’s American Farm to Table: Simple, Delicious Recipes Celebrating Local Farmers.

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Captain John Worth of Maine Maritime Academy has worked and taught students aboard tugboats on Penobscot Bay over the course of his exciting career. He will share experiences and discuss the history of assisting cargo ships in the navigation of the Penobscot Bay and River.

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Forgotten Female Photographers, Brought To Light

Earle G. Shuttleworth Jr., Maine State Historian and Director and State Historic Preservation Commission, will present The Land and Sea of Three Maine Women Photographers: The Real Photo Post Cards of Thurza Toss, Minnie Libby, and Josephine Townsend.

Video by George Kerper

Hamilton Learning Center Boat Launch

Hamilton Marine presents the 2015 boat launching for Searsport High School, ME & Penobscot Marine Museum’s student boat building program. Learn how the program succeeds by connecting classroom learning concepts with hands-on boat building in the Hamilton Marine Learning Center.

Salted Tales: Stories From the Sea Told Live at Colonial Theater


Salted Tales: Stories From the Sea Told Live at Colonial Theater was presented on March 29, 2015, but if you missed it you can watch the video or listen to the audio at WERU, Part 1, Part 2.

Coastal Maine’s rich maritime heritage has produced a lot of sailors and you don’t work on the water without accumulating good stories. Penobscot Marine Museum and Colonial Theater invite you to Salted Tales: Stories From the Sea Told Live at Colonial Theater on Sunday, March 29, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Hear working seamen and women tell hair-raising real-life sea stories of amazing experiences on the water, from fending off Somali pirates to putting out aircraft carrier fires. Each fast-paced story will be eight minutes long. Story tellers’ backgrounds range from the U.S. Navy to tug boat captain to commercial fisherman.

Salted Tales: Stories From the Sea Told Live is a joint presentation of the Colonial Theater and Penobscot Marine Museum. Refreshments will be available at intermission. Admission is $5, Penobscot Marine Museum members are free. For more information Click here, or call Mike Hurley 338-1975 or Kathy Goldner 548-2529 ext 216.

An African-American Settlement in Troy Maine with Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall presents his research on a African-American settlement in Troy,Maine. He researches the ecology and historical archaeology of early Euro-and Afro-American settlers in Central Maine back-country, with emphasis on land-human interaction and landscape archaeology.

Video by George Kerper