Extra Anchovies

Image ID: LB2012.15.6097

Dan Courtice (L) and Capt. George Grafft (R) fished on the MELLO BOY out of Avila Beach, CA, in the 1970s. They’re shown here reeling in a lampara net; it appears to be the end of a workday. Together, they caught and stored live anchovies in bait wells in the harbor and sold them directly to tuna trawlers. Mr. Courtice provided information about this photo; he relates that it was common among bait fishing captains to include “BOY” in their boat names (Courtice and Grafft new the crew of BILLY BOY, another local bait boat). When life at sea lost its romantic luster, Mr. Courtice became a professional photographer himself; he’s based in Chico, CA. (photo by Ellen Banner; used by permission of the photographer)