1st Place, Aleida, Bucksport Middle School

Penobscot Marine Museum’s theme for the 2017 season is Gone Fishing! exploring the world of Maine’s commercial fisheries. To connect with Maine students on this topic, PMM asked for help in designing a Maine fish t-shirt. The contest was open to any school aged student in Maine.

The 300+ entries made it a difficult task for the panel of area artists and art enthusiasts to choose, but after much deliberation they were able to narrow it down to three. The first place winner is Aleida from Bucksport Middle School, who received a lifetime membership to Penobscot Marine Museum, as well as a field trip for her class. The second place is Hannah from Leroy H. Smith School, and third place is Madeline from Moscow Elementary School.
Because of the fantastic response, Penobscot Marine Museum intends to hold a t-shirt design contest yearly to connect with students about the each season’s theme. These t-shirts are available at PMM’s Museum Store at 2 Church Street in Searsport, and their online store

2nd Place, Hannah, Leroy H. Smith School

3rd Place, Madeline, Moscow Elementary School