Last Days of the Keeper

Ron Cianfarani on the catwalk of the Makapuu Light at Oahu, Hawaii. The lighthouse was built at the point in the islands where ships crossing from the Pacific coast of the US first made landfall. After a fire that killed one keeper, the original oil vapor lamp was...

Extra Anchovies

Dan Courtice (L) and Capt. George Grafft (R) fished on the MELLO BOY out of Avila Beach, CA, in the 1970s. They’re shown here reeling in a lampara net; it appears to be the end of a workday. Together, they caught and stored live anchovies in bait wells in the...

lb2012152087 Sample

Color photo of tuna/lobster boat, ROLLING STONE, # 682478 underway. ’32’ lobster & tuna boat” Accompanying letter from Cape Marine, Inc., Monument Beach, MA. provides specific details of her design and construction.