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Latest Past Events

Stories from the Spirits of Sea-Goers II


October 28th, 6pm on Zoom
Free, suggested admission $5
Reserve your tickets here.

The people of Searsport and Penobscot Bay have a long history of going to sea. In letters, diaries, logbooks, photos, newspaper articles, and stories passed down through generations, they recorded their experiences. Quiet days, adventure, tragedy, and heroism each take their turn. This sequel to 2020’s “Stories from the Spirits of Sea-Goers” features tales based on true experiences and recorded by Penobscot Marine Museum volunteers and staff. Some stories might be scary or inappropriate for young audiences.

Peek into Paintings – Victorian Vogue, Creepy Now?

October 22nd at noon
Free on Facebook and YouTube

In this painting, we see a beautiful young woman in her silky white wedding gown with a long white veil secured by a crown of flowers. The woman was Harriet McGilvery Dunbar and the artist created this painting sometime after Harriet passed away at the age of 22. During this program, we will take a close look at the painting, discuss mourning and remembrance in Victorian culture, and also examine a hair wreath.

Maine’s First Ship


October 21st, 6pm on Zoom Free, suggested admission $5 Reserve your tickets here. The VIRGINIA was the first ocean-going vessel built by the English in North America. In 1607 King James I granted a land-use charter to the Virginia Company to establish permanent settlements in the New World. The Company offered two investment opportunities - one... (Read More »)