Captain James Nelson Pendleton

James Nelson Pendleton was the son of James Hervey Pendleton & Esther Houston Pendleton. He was born November 16, 1853, in Searsport, Maine and died in June, 1920, in Eustis, Florida. He commanded the Ship David Brown 1882-86; the Ship Nancy Pendleton, 1887-92; and the Ship Mary L. Cushing, 1893-1900. He retired from the sea in 1900.

Captain Oliver Winslow Park

Captain Oliver Winslow Park was the son of Oliver Crary Park & Catherine Elizabeth Park. He was born June 7,1849  in Searsport, Maine and died December 4,1930, in Grinnell, Iowa. He commanded the Bark Helen Angier for a short time in 1874.  Captain Park survived the shipwreck of the Bark Trovatore in November, 1870, when he was Second Mate; he and two sailors were the only survivors when the Trovatore was hit by a waterspout in the Adriatic Sea.

Captain James M. Blanchard

James M. Blanchard was the son of James Blanchard, Jr. & Mary Young Clifford Blanchard. He was born April 6, 1846, in Searsport, Maine and died on December 6, 1870 (with his wife & family while in command of the Bark Trovatore, which was struck by a waterspout off the coast of Messina in the Mediterranean Sea, on a voyage from Trieste to Palermo). The Bark Trovatore was his first and only command.

Captain Benjamin Coombs Pendleton

Benjamin Coombs Pendleton was the son of Joseph Pendleton & Fanny Coombs Pendleton. He was born December 18, 1844, in Searsport, Maine and died at sea in August, 1888, on a voyage from Hong Kong to Callao, Peru. His one command was the Bark Abbie Carver, 1882-88, on which he, his wife, and all but one of his children died.

Captain Jeremiah Grant Park

Jeremiah Grant Park was the son of Samuel Park II & Mary P. Patterson Park. He was born on December 9, 1849, in Searsport, Maine and was lost at sea in November, 1916. He commanded the Bark William Wilcox; the Ship Alert, 1883-84; the Ship Acme, 1910-14; the Ship Magna Reva (formerly the Pyrenees); the Schooner Fairchild; and the Bark John Ena, 1912.

Captain Nathan Pendleton

Nathan Pendleton was the son of Phineas Pendleton I & Nancy Gilmore Pendleton. He was born December 2, 1808 and died September 24, 1857, in Augusta, Maine. He commanded the Brig Alexander, 1832-35; the Ship Dunbarton, 1841-45; and the Ship Bell Rock, 1850.

Captain Jeremiah Merithew I

Jeremiah Merithew was the son of William Merithew & Lydia Adams Merithew. He was born on October 26,1792, in Pittston, Maine and died on February 17, 1862. He commanded the Schooner Harriet & Eliza, 1822, 1829 (lost at Eastham, Massachusetts on passage from Belfast to New York); the Schooner New York, 1830 (lost on one of the southern shoals); and the Schooner Ranger, 1840.

Captain Edwin Earle Greenlaw

Edwin Earle Greenlaw was the son of Edwin Greenlaw & Isabelle Broughton Greenlaw. He was born on September 1, 1901, in Rockport, Maine and died on March 13, 1963, in Abadan, Iran. Beginning in 1937, he commanded a number of steam vessels with the American Hawaiian Line: S.S. Missourian; S.S. Iowan; S.S. Louisianan; S.S. Arizonan; S.S. Alaskan (lost by enemy action November 28, 1942); S.S. Columbian; S.S. Pennsylvanian; S.S. Hawaiian  (torpedoed); S.S. Hurricane; S.S.

Captain Clifton Curtis

Clifton Curtis was the son of Samuel Curtis, Sr. & Eliza Jane Griffin Curtis. He was born June 4, 1858, in Searsport, Maine and died June 1, 1928, in San Pedro, California. He commanded the Ship Belle of Bath, 1888-97 (burned off Barbados, June 1897, a total loss); the Bark Skagit; Schooner Susie P. Oliver, 1888; Schooner W.H. Marston; S.S. Costa Rica, 1904; S.S. City of Para, 1905; S.S. Barracouta, 1905-06; S.S. Santa Rita, 1907-11; S.S. Washtenan, 1911-13; S.S. Oleum, 1913-15; S.S.

Captain Phineas Pendleton II

Phineas Pendleton II was the son of Phineas Pendleton I & Nancy Gilmore Pendleton.


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